An Introduction to Kneeling Chairs and Their Benefits

guy on posture chairA kneeling chair is a special type of seat that has health and fitness benefits for its users. It is specially designed to relieve pain especially for people who sit for long hours such as office workers.

The development of these chairs can be attributed to Buddhism. Buddhists had a bench that they used for prolonged meditation. These benches had the kneeling position present in the modern day versions of the seat. The reason for the design was to achieve a lift of the torso weight from the ankles. The benefit of the lift was achieved by tilting the seat forward to widen the trunk- thigh angle in order to return the back to its usual S-shape. The first modern chair was known as the Balans was made in Norway in 1979.

Its main purpose is to reduce the strain on the lower back. It achieves this by ensuring an even distribution of weight between the buttocks and the knees. In addition, it shifts some of the body weight to be supported by the shins as a result of the thighs that are vertically dropped to between 60 to 70 degrees. An additional function of the shins is to prevent the user from falling out of the seat in a forward position.

The most important feature of this seat is the ability to keep the user in a proper position to perform duties while seated. To achieve this, a kneeling chair should maintain alignment of the spine. The spine alignment aids opening of the body angle and lowering the angle of the lower body. This results in the overall maintenance of a body angle of 90 degrees or more whenever the sitter leans inwards at all times. As a result, it the seat guarantees comfort for the user especially if longer hours of sitting is to be achieved. Kneeling chairs are highly recommended for people with tailbone or coccyx pains as it facilitates longer hours of sitting without pain to the user.

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Why you Should Consider a Yoga Ball Chair

Girl Enjoying Her Yoga ChairA yoga ball chair (click here) can be a unique way to get some exercise, improve your posture, and rest comfortably throughout the day. Yoga ball chairs can be used as a computer chair, a chair for a desk, or purely for yoga exercises. These chairs come in many different fashions, some of them have backrests that support a healthy posture while you are sitting and other ones do not come with a backrest and you must hold yourself upright on your own. You can look online to find different varieties of these chairs and you should select one that’s right for you and your specific needs.

Get exercise while being productive

Chairs like this allow you to get much-needed exercise while you are being productive. You can use the yoga ball chair for your computer chair and this would be a healthy replacement to a traditional office chair. Research and studies have shown that by using an exercise ball in replacement of a regular chair, you can improve your posture and your health simultaneously.

Rest more comfortably throughout the day

Exercise ball chairs ( allow you to rest comfortably in the chair, just as you would any other chair. The bouncy and squishy texture of the ball is reportedly much more comfortable than a regular office chair and that’s why many people prefer it as an alternative. While you might not look at a yoga ball as a traditional office chair, it has become that for many. It’s a great way to relax and unwind and get some additional benefits out of it as well. Stability balls improve your posture by making you balance yourself while resting. This is also good for your abs as it requires flexing in the abdominal muscles. Yoga ball chairs for a new healthy alternative that’s unique and inspirational. You can improve your health, lose weight, and even strengthen your posture all while sitting in a chair.

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